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Therapeutic services include:

Individual Therapy:

According to Dr. Aaron Beck, negative thoughts, generated by dysfunctional beliefs are typically the primary
cause of depressive symptoms. A direct relationship occurs between the amount and severity of someone's
negative thoughts and the severity of their depressive symptoms. In other words, the more negative thoughts you
experience, the more depressed you will become.

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to address mood disorders such as depression and anxiety; Solution Focus
Therapy for problem solving conflict resolution and decision making issues...

Couples and Marital Therapy:

Trust is a valuable asset in every relationship. It is the cornerstone that shapes an individual’s ability to engage in
a happy relationship. Trust provides the comfort in a relationship where two people can learn to count on each
other. People develop the ability to trust in relationships based on experiences they have had throughout their
lifespan, beginning in infancy. Thus, trust can be thought of as a process.
Most marriage and relationship education (MRE) teach that building trust is one of the most important elements of
having a happy and successful marriage. (National Healthy Marriage Resource Center)

Using the Prepare/Enrich Model to help couples identify strengths and growth areas and develop relationship skills to
maximize their potential and effectiveness...

Family Therapy:

Using the Systems Theory Approach to address a variety of issues that may exist in the family system, to include
communication issues, adjustment issues, family crisis management, parenting conflict and others...